Current Show: Rocky Bridges – New Works

Rocky Bridges

N E W  W O R K S

At Salt Creek Artworks
November 18th to December 24th, 2011
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11AM – 4PM


*    Manmade objects have a distinct function. They are invented, they are designed and they are manufactured to perform a certain task. Once that function becomes obsolete, broken or simply out dated, the object is discarded and generally thrown away. Many people throughout society are dealt with in a similar manner. Once their capabilities become limited or their role in life becomes non-productive, they simply become old and ‘broken’. They too are merely displaced and often appear to be discarded and thrown away. In all of my work, I hope to celebrate the beauty and material existence of the discarded object. The history of the object, through its scratches and scars, dents and rust, is being honored. The objects find a heightened level in their new arrangements; they are reinvented and have new meaning in the aesthetically ordered settings. There is an optimistic attitude that carries throughout the work. I have attempted to express the power of positive thought through the use of color and various combinations of materials. The realities of recent events in the world have induced people to utilize their inner strengths. Through individual spirituality, faith and the belief in humanity, this new body of art work establishes a truth that builds hope and invites a new reality.

*    My work is always a reflection of my immediate environment. Having been born and raised in Florida, I have seen many changes in the state since 1965. I hope that the body of my artwork celebrates much of Florida’s raw and natural honesty and beauty.

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