TOM ZARRILLI “The Yard Sale Years” (Photography) CYNTHIA ZARRILLI “Kodachrome Memories” (Paintings)

TOM ZARRILLI “The Yard Sale Years” (Photography) CYNTHIA ZARRILLI “Kodachrome Memories” (Paintings)
Location: Salt Creek Artworks – 1600 4th Street South, St Petersburg, FL 33701
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Description: Show Opens Friday April 13th to May 12th, 2012

Opening Reception:
Friday, April 13 from 6 to 9 pm
Free admission

Elegant Refreshments Provided by
Fish Tales Seafood House

1500 2nd Street South
Saint Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 821-FISH

he Yard Sale Years
In America people are judged by what they have accumulated.  They in turn judge themselves by this same standard.  The role of objects acquired and discarded serves as the defining elements of an individuals life.  Yard sales are a public display of this accumulation while also being a ritual of divestment of what in no longer of value in the sellers life. I seek to find some meaning in the jettisoned artifacts of peoples lives. The aesthetics of yard sales are not simply the objects presented for sale but ones perception of whatever role they could have played in someones life.

Tom Zarrilli began his photographic career while he was growing up in the Panama Canal Zone. He has been actively exhibiting his work since 2004. His initial solo exhibition was a documentary study of roadside memorials in the south and west. In 2005 Tom Zarrilli began a long study of yard sales in the United States. He created and authored the website Yard Sale Addict. This site featured his photographs and commentary on sales he encountered in Atlanta and where ever he traveled. His study and documentation lead to a major interactive installation at the Atlanta Comtemporary Arts Center in 2005. Following this he presented several presentations of his photographic images of yards sales at galleries in Georgia and Tennessee. Most recently he presented a solo exhibition of his work at Atlanta’s Callanwolde Fine Arts Center. He has also created and exhibited installations and conceptual works at The University of Virginia, Eastern Carolina University and Agnes Scott College and at the Eyedrum Arts Center in Atlanta. Tom Zarrilli currently resides in Atlanta GA. You can read reviews of Tom’s work in The Tennessean.comAtlanta Business and Creative Loafing Atlanta.

Kodachrome Memories
This series of work is based on my fathers slide collection.  The photographs do not always tell the whole story.  When I think back on my family I really remember the sense of humor that my family always embodied.  Various characters such as my Uncle Herb the cowboy and my Aunt Freda the fisherwoman flood my imagination as I look at the photographs.
The paintings tell a narrative of my life as seen by my father and then translated by myself.  The passage of time makes memories grow fonder.  The humorous elements of my childhood shine through.  The painting of the children and the pills might be titled “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”  The paintings are deliberately very bright in color to exaggerate the slide quality of my fathers documentation of our family.

Cynthia Zarrilli has lived around the world, which has had an impact on her view of art. Working at CNN as a graphic artist for twenty years and a courtroom artists for other major networks continued to refined her artistic eye and skills.  Currently, Cynthia’s focus is a series of paintings of 1950′s Florida.  Besides painting she also teaches at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta.


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